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An interactive TV game with puzzles, quizzes.
Viewers call a premium rate number to register on the server. They receive a confirmation message for successful registration. They can also register by sending a key-word by SMS to the number of the service. Some players automatically are called back to answer the puzzle. They receive cash in case they win.


An outstanding mobile chat format with users having their photographs in the chat room

Mobile Scratch Card ( MSC )

The State-Of-The Art mobile marketing tool for brands. They use it for brand survey, market pools, etc.
This JAVA application is downloaded by the users and they are carried to a frame of questions with the possibility for them to have gifts from the brand


Allows Telephony subscribers to send invitations to pairs and discuss with them, on a Peer To Peer basis.
This service is compatible with all types of mobile phones.


Viewers send an SMS containing the key-word of their choices to the telephone number.
Their votes are counted and they can automatically view the statistics on the TV screen.

An application that interacts with the broadcasting programs of the TV channels. Viewers can text their SMS and see them directly on the TV screen.

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